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To create a high-performance website like, you can draw inspiration from a wide range of ideas for ergonomic, creative, functional and aesthetically pleasing Internet portals.


Putting the odds in your favor!

To put all your chances on your side, you need to work on your digital strategy. This is an action plan to achieve a specific objective. If you want to strengthen your digital strategy, you have several media at your disposal: social networks, blogs, websites, emailing, mobile applications, etc. Digital media fall into three categories: owned, paid and earned media.

  • Owned media allow you to spread your values
  • Reach a wider audience with paid media
  • Earned media reinforces your credibility


State-of-the-art websites

The advantage of state-of-the-art websites is that they enable you to create an online presence that reflects your vision, values and brand image.


Aim for online excellence with Website List!

With a website redesign, you can optimize the quality of your website. This strategic project improves the technical, visual and structural aspects of your digital portal. It optimizes the compatibility, security and performance of your digital platform. Another strong point is that the redesign generates conversions.

With a site redesign, you benefit from an opportunity that breathes new life into your web presence.


Boost your site's indexing with a sitemap submission!

The sitemap facilitates the indexing of a website by telling search engines what content to take into account and how to browse it. It speeds up the indexing process.

By boosting indexing, you gain in efficiency by simplifying your site’s theme. You can submit your site to Google as well as to other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing.


Full analysis & diagnosis

SEO Strategy

Dominate search results with a tailored SEO strategy

SEO audit

An SEO audit improves the organic ranking of your digital portal. It detects errors and weak points that penalize your positioning on Google.


Let our expert graphic designers create a design that reflects your image

Graphic design

Graphic design plays a vital role in Web design. This art of communicating information captures the attention of Internet users.

Visual identity

Visual identity represents a company’s personality, activities and values. It creates a link with prospects, customers…

User experience

The user experience is the interaction with a service, product or system. It encompasses cognitive, emotional, physical and social aspects.